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Arayas AI Superlights v1.2 [1.30.x]
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Arayas AI Superlights v1.2 [1.30.x]

Arayas AI Superlights 1.2 [1.30.x]

Best night driving experience!! Check the video!

Change LOG for 1.2
– new files from 1.30.xx vanilla game, just 1 MB of data;
– no log errors
-tested in 1.30.xx version with Italia DLC, but not needed.

-reduced lights intensity to prevent to much glow in traffic jams;
-adjusted headlights angle to reduce the glow from interior of the truck much is possible;
-no more glowing dashboard from the car in the back, just from passing cars, a normal situation;
-new static modern lights (cold and warm colours) for every lamp on the street;
-revert to vanilla semaphores (are ok now);
-best lights reflections for blinkers, brake and stop on every car including AI.
-best side lights for every trailer (no more just DARK in the mirrors);
-best HDR control and bloom reduction;

Superlights 1.0 was to bright, 1.1 was good, this one is perfect!
Anyway, feedback is expected.

Work in every map, truck or car or trailer mod.
Priority high, above any map, traffic or weather mod.


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    2017-12-07 11:24
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