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Argentina Map v7.2.3 DEMO BETA
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Argentina Map v7.2.3 DEMO BETA

Well… here again!!!!! NOW WE HAVE HERE THE OFICIAL MAP OF ARGENTINA. Is not a repaint and other things. This is the real map of argentina.

I would like to upload a scania 140 and the game ATS But at finally am decided to upload only the map of argentina. This is DEMO BETA versión, so, if you want the map complete buy it. Each cost
us 20. Is expensive but there are hours of work.

Many people wants my other maps, Peru, uruguay, bolivia, mexico actualized for 1.22 but, there is
a person who dedicated himself to steal these maps and edit them for resale . A violation and lack of respect for my work. So I decided to not upload my jobs and sell some maps.

Version: 1.20, 1.21, 1.22
33 MB
Standalone Map
password 321go

If you want to buy it, send me a menssage to

[email protected]



Author: Maxi Zarich

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