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Australia Tasmania map v5.2
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Australia Tasmania map v5.2

Added a new city, made compatible for TSM maps, for those who play version 1.22, connect vegetation 1.22 crash fix

IVANMYKYTA ,Compatibility maps Paulo Amaral,Fix for 1.22 vovangt4

  • Ivanmykyt
    2015-12-12 03:38
    v 1.21-1.22
  • Leo truck
    2015-12-12 15:51 6.1.1RUS MAP 5.2BALTIC MAPSUPER
  • Ivanmykyt
    2015-12-14 16:35
    Good day to all who play maptas, dear players we please interested in your proposals to Question 1 must evolve further as the map? as we should look like game. Give comment we accept constructive criticism, thank you all for your attention.
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