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Automatic SCS Mod Extractor V1.1.0
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Automatic SCS Mod Extractor V1.1.0

Extracts .SCS/ZIP files with ease without the need for archive software if you do not use them.

Does not extract files like base.scs or def.scs as they are encrypted. This app is not designed to bypass any mod locks or passwords.

V1.1.0 Changelog:

    -Command Line Argument Support
    -ScsExtract.exe [SCS File Path] [Extraction Directory Path]
    -Manual File Association (Open With... Choose Default Program... Browse/ScsExtract)

IMPORTANT: This app has not landed in the nature it was intended, therefore there is a possibility that if it fails to succeed, it will be taken from the support & update cycle. Liking my page and leaving a review of your experience including bugs so they can be fixed will let me know if this app is meeting enough of a need to be continued.

SD Cowling Software Development (SdcDev)

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