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Awesome Radio / 290+ European Radio Stations v1.2
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Awesome Radio / 290+ European Radio Stations v1.2

Mod includes:
- Europe version    (All 292 radio stations)
- UK version        (105 popular radio stations from United Kingdom)
- Germany version    (104 popular radio stations from Germany)
- Denmark version    (72 radio stations from Denmark)
- Luxembourg version    (11 radio stations from Luxembourg)

With clearly ordered titles, genre and language information!

If you´re only interestet in (e.g.) german radio stations, you can use the Germany version for a better order in the ingame radio menu.
For all radio stations simply install the Europe version!

How to install:
1. Backup the original "live_streams.ssi" file. So if something goes wrong, you can undo it later.
2. Replace the original "live_streams.ssi" with the one from this mod.
3. You find the "live_streams.ssi" here: Win7:    C:\Users\(Your Username)\My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2
                     Win8:  C:\Users\(Your Username)\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2
4. You´re done! Have fun!


- Do not put the "live_streams.ssi" file in the "mod" or "music" file.
- It is forbidden too publish this mod without my permission!
- Mod works with all Ets2 versions, tested with 1.12.1.
- I do not assume warranty for any damage done by this modification!
- Some streams may not be available in your country.
- Please tell me if something is not working.
- Mod replaces all the streams already in the game. But just click the “Update from Internet” button, while this mod is installed and it will add the already included streams to this mod.
- What should be in the next version, tell me.
- I´m currently working on this mod, there will be more versions, with more radio stations.

Sorry for my bad english.

Thanks! :)


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