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МAZ 5340/5440/6430 А8 Reworked 1.23.x
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МAZ 5340/5440/6430 А8 Reworked 1.23.x

Greetings to all! I am glad to present you the updated MAZ-5340/5440 / 6430A8.
Once this mod once touched, I do not know what it was. But after the test drive, it was decided - although you should try to correct the registration and remove the redness from the log. Well, then somehow it went :) worked on it since February, and finally, today, we have more or less significant result, with the main purpose of work - to bring fashion to the more or less playable state, saving both original equipment and the possibility of adequate tuning.
   Unfortunately, there are very many deficiencies with the model side, which has not yet happened eliminated because not have the necessary skills. But I can say that to throw this thing is not going to, and gradually, as they gain experience, I plan to continue to bring it. So if something happens - I ask, as they say, "to understand and forgive."
   I would also like to thank the [member = Dark_Wolf] for the excellent voice acting. None of his works MAZ would lose at least half of the current charisma. I would also like to thank [member = knox_xss] - his beautiful Renault Magnum served as a good "synopsis" by the device of the game;)

The tractor is purchased in a / c DAF, 2 slot.
The model has:
+ 3 types of chassis: 5440A8 (4x2); 6430A8 (6x4); 5340A8 (tent 4x2).
+ 2 types of interior (different steering wheel).
+ His own wheels and sound.
+ Painted in factory colors, including in "metallic." Can stain plastic parts of feathers in the cab color.
+ Extensive tuning (optics, shutter, GPS, flashing lights, etc..).
New in this version:
+ Completely redesigned sound.
+ Fully converted residence.
  + Delete "tails" registration DAF CF, used in previous versions.
  + Added regular engines YaMZ-7511 (Euro-2), YaMZ-6581 (Euro-3).
  + Added YaMZ regular PPC-239 (9 stages), Shaanxi Fast Gear 12JS200TA (entities. Eaton's, 12 stages) and ZF 16S1650 (16 steps, with retarder) and corresponding ratios ZM.
  + Fixed indicator lamps on the instrument panel (extra lamps extinguished, light up only when needed).
  + Spelled out as close to the factory colors.
  + His icons for the main parts of the model.
  + Tracker is registered to work in the companies.
+ Lots of improvements and bug fixes in the model.
  + Wheels are divided into tire and wheels, added "stub" for parts of wheels that appeared in version 1.23 of the game, as well as caps wheels.
  + If possible, remove unused materials.
  All files models + reduced truck.pmd one instead of 6 as previously. Painted in cab color of the plumage made additional details.
  + Fixed a lot of small defects.
  + New details for tuning both in the cabin and outside.
  + All tuning most pronounced in parts of the slots default.
+ DLC Support "Cabin Accessories".

Known defects:
... That still can not fix :(
- Windshield wipers do not work from the outside.
- Whipped normal cab and other details.
- At a distance manifested mesh polygons on some details.
- May remain unnoticed other problems ...
Tested on version: 1.23. and higher.

Full list of authors:
The authors model MAZ-5440:
Ols, Drzivago, Shpunt, Volk86, Nik_1MTK, Ra1ley, MiRoN, Fanis, By_maz_man, MRD_BMZ
Upgrading, updating, adaptation to the versions of the game 1.16-1.22:
Maxim Kokorin, sanek750, Nikita Razgulyaev, vovangt4
Re-registration and adaptation to version 1.23, optimization model, completion of some errors, some details: il_86
Sounds: Dark_Wolf
Special thanks to: knox_xss
Other models used:
- CB-radio: WombaT, unknown author *
- Fresheners: GTrucker, unknown author *
- Mobile phone: daf1
- Radio Pioneer DEH-P5900, Video: unknown author *
* - Presumably, Moders Team Poland

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