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Backbumper custom for RJL Scania R & T v2
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Backbumper custom for RJL Scania R & T v2

some little bugs fix
- change brightnes from color for now it wil have the same color of youre skin
- fix slots position
- fix back mudflap position on template (bottom right on template)
- fix readme file
- fix template (rebuild new one)
- add some more slots on the toolbox
- works for now with the T mod RJL

- chefprutser
-Bc Brebel

  • Andrew
    2016-09-20 17:25
    Mod from 2015. mods_ats - козел, чтоб ты сдох.
  • Vlad1203
    2016-09-20 17:48
    Старый мод!!!Не качайте от "mods_ats" - он перезаливщик старых модов!Old fashion !!!Do not swing from the "mods_ats" - he perezalivke old mods!
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