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Barth 2013 deprotonation v1.0
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Barth 2013 deprotonation v1.0

Guude together.
Here I have something else for you.
The 2013er Tour Truck Mario Barth (men are to blame say the women) the deprotonation Concert GmbH

The trailer:
Meets in the way, not the original and it is not just 1 also converted to 1, since I have not found any pictures where the entire trailer inscription is to be read.
The trailer replaces the aerodynamics in the game and is in the original of TZRommi
From me is the ONLY skin!

The tractor:
Actross Megaspace skin in white with inscription "deprotonation Concert GmbH"
If only to see the largest cabin.

Aerodynamic Trailer: TZRommi
Actross files and templates: g-spot
Mario Barth / deprotonation Skin: Ghost001/GhostDesign
Original image in the album: deprotonation Concert GmbH
Have fun and when uploading somewhere else, forget the credits net ;)

Time a cautious Thanks to deprotonation, but the hopefully not sue me, because I use your Aufligerdesign and a picture of your home!

Trailer: TZRommi
Truckdateien: GPunkt
Skin: Ghost001/GhostDesign
Originalbild im Album: Depro Concert GmbH

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