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Bartoland Map v2.1 1.39
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Bartoland Map v2.1 1.39

Changelog v2.1
Update for 1.39
You will find 90 kms new of roads or paths in addition,
36 new company,
2 garages, 1 ferry, 4 trains, 1 fuel station,
and 9 cities or villages to discover, including a city under construction, a city on an island, a futuristic city where it is not good to miss a bend, which will please some and confuse others - etc,
an almost known desert, a swamp, a gorge or everything will not pass…etc….

Changelog v2.0
Added 60 kms of roads and paths, 12 more businesses, new sets, and a surprise, reserved for moviegoers

Changelog from 19.06.20
Small update, with corrections of some bugs, and I took the opportunity to add a new business on the port of Jard.

Changelog 1.9
You will find 36 more companies,
2 garages (Scania and Volvo),
and around 30 km of roads, paths and ... mystery ....

- 23 towns or cities
- 52 enterprises
- 7 garages
- 140 kms of roads and paths
and it will continue to grow

Mac Adame

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