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BD Creative zone map v3.0
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BD Creative zone map v3.0

The map works perfectly in 1.27 and 1.28 version.But My bro tested it on 1.30 version.I hope it will work on 1.30.x
Its a standalone map So you have to use my profile. You have to use "BD CREATIVE ZONE MAP" profile. Copy all the profiles and paste them in your profile folder then select
"BD CREATIVE ZONE MAP" in the launch pad.
This map is mainly based on beautiful green area,sand area,snow area,river area,hill area ,mountain area,extreme area,and some views of Dubai roads.So,I think you will love all the variations of the map. Finally
I have a request,if you think this is a nice map,while streaming in the youtube,Please give the full credit.
And If you wanna share then share with the full credit.
Finally I wanna say,"A map means lot of hard working and dedication"


  • Mdshahid6540
    2018-03-13 20:17
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