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BDF Tandem Truck Pack v80
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BDF Tandem Truck Pack v80

Updated DAF XF to new DAF XF improvements
Replaces all new cargo in game with Tandem Trailers (Also in DLCs)
Removed Redundant collision boxes on all truck chassis
Updated all chassis variant with more weight on driving axle.
Scania R V8 (fake) Interior removed.

Flemming V

  • Flemming
    2017-07-30 18:05
  • Flemming
    2017-07-30 18:07
    load directly from my site or use
  • Flemming
    2017-07-30 18:08
  • Philippe
    2017-07-30 19:45
    Hey mate,when do this mod commes wtih real company logo at the side's off truck and trailer??
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