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Bennekeben's Discount Mod 1.11 Supported
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Bennekeben's Discount Mod 1.11 Supported

Discount of alot of parts and engines on std. ALL TRUCKS !! (chassis,cabin,interior,engines,drivetrain,gearboxes,Custom Paint)
Due the discount on those Parts the Total ammount of New Trucks has been dropped alot! giving u a 50-100k euro discount

Custom created real life Diesel engines ( Tuned ) The engine type's i used are actually existing and mostly used of Marine and Trucks
Some of the used engines also Tuned in real life to go over 1000hp to participate in Tractor Pulling..or just people who like hp's on the road...what kind of engines to expect ? example : for daf we choose for the 825,1160,1260 24v Bi turbo Tuned engines and those 'Marine engines do fit into trucks aswell IRL.
Even tho there are allready engine mods this is my Custom version of the tuned engines.

Im New in the ETS2 Modding scene.. this is my first mod to create for ets2 , my plan with this mod is to upgrade it with all cheaper parts from lights to wheels aswell basiclly every object and also more new tuned parts, gearboxes/race gearboxes.

Feel free To comment BAD and GOOD! Is this mod usefull or not ? id say yes cause i dont like cheat engines. i just like cheap and powerfull engines.

Have Fun !


Bennekeben / Ldr.Thermo

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