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Bennekeben's Discount mod V1.5
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Bennekeben's Discount mod V1.5

Creator : Bennekeben (Xfire/Steam ID),* Feel Free to Add me
Mod Name : Bennekebens MegaDiscount Mod version 1.5 Supported for ETS2 version 1.15.x
If u have Used my Previous Discount mod u need to delete it if u want to play this update !!
Mod Tested on Version 1.15
More info on this mod Below!
Whats In this MOD ???
Fixed a few bugs due ets2 update

1.Discounts On
Truck Parts >> All truck parts are cheaper
Stock Paint
New Trucks are cheaper cause of the Cheaper truck parts.
Changed Fee on Hired people min fee 150euro per delivery
Changed Starting Fee on Hired people from 1.5k to 500 euro
Fuel Discount of 80% on Big Garages Fuel station.
Police Tickets Decreased ! 50-150 euro depending on how bad your are...

2.Money Increasement
Increased Total earnings possibility a week for Small Garage 1mil euro and Big Garage 10mil euro at 100% productivity
Increased Bonus of Talent Points , When Reached min 4 points on Heavy load,Fragile, Just in Time,...
U and your Hired employes Above 4skill points will gain 50% More earning.

3.Custom Creations
adjusted economy data + police script
Tuned Heavy Duty Diesel engines
Custom 6 Speed Transmissions With 3 Diffrent Differential Ratios For all Trucks
Custom Funny Stunt Chassis >> i found this accidently but i laughed so hard i might as well made it for all trucks as well :p (This is not Realistic)

4. Whats Planned for the Next Update

5.Great to co-op with other mods!
If u use map mods this mod Must be BELOW the map mod.
If u use an other economy mod and dont like this 1 then just remove the sii scripts from the mod.(in def folder)
or place your economy/policetickets mod Below this mod if u dont want to do any removal.

6.Little Bugs?

With the Big Block engines u need more braking power aswell.
Go to the options and increase your braking power if needed!

Do you still see something wrong ? plz report it !! We will fix reported bug in the Following update of this mod!!

Have Fun !!


  • Kyle
    2015-01-04 18:48
    my game just stops working ur the only mod I have on for the game fix please?
  • Bennekeben
    2015-01-06 11:55
    Bug found on scania engines. Will fix asap. DL stopped untill fix is made. Download a sound mod to prevent crashing meanwhile this is a temporary fix. Grtz b
  • Guest
    2015-01-07 20:41
    Fixed the scania game crash Heres the new download link ! http://uploadfiles.eu/rux36ms4yigb/zz_Bennekeben_s_MegaDiscountModV1.5.scs.htmlThanks for reporting Grtz Bennekeben ,
  • Craig
    2015-01-12 11:12
    The link is broken. :(
  • Keith
    2015-01-16 01:24
    The link is still broken or did you turn it off until you've fixed it :(
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