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Bennekeben's Lowerd Kenworth W900 Longline mod v1.0
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Bennekeben's Lowerd Kenworth W900 Longline mod v1.0

Bennekebens  Lowerd Kenworth w900 Longline mod v1.0
Mod name : Bennekeben's Lowerd Kenworth w900mod version 1.0
Created by Bennekeben
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Download Link  http://uploadfiles.eu/sbtalf9unmdd/zzz_Bennekebens_Lowerd_KenworthW900L.scs.html

Mod Info:
No lifted axles have been added for the lower ets game versions support.
since the release of the truck was supported for ets2 version 1.8.2
im not sure wich version between 1.8 and 1.14 will run this mod.
i have tested in ets2 version 1.14.2 and was still working for me.

This mod includes 3 different lowerd chassis for the Kenworth w900 longline
created by Bennekeben

The Truck itself is created by Pete379jps & cerritos, ets2 conversion by Stas556 & dmitry69.
Also includes Kriechbaum's sounds and wheels by preta
U need to have this mod.
Download link to Truck > http://ets2mods.com/en/us-trucks-ets2/594-20140118kenworth-long-by-stas556-and-dmitry68.html

Known bugs :
Due the version updates of ets2 some parts of this truck can cause conflicts in the game.
I have found that the Mini cool Airco part is the reason of this conflict.
It scrambles the text ingame.
since im not reuploading this truck here is how to fix it
 if u are also getting this bug while using version 1.14.2
Delete the Mini cool files from the truck itself in the Def and Vehicle folders of the truck mod itself.
u can find the files in the folder accessory.  both Def and Vehicle have the accessory folder.
if u dont know how? there is an ingame fix aswell.
Basiclly dont selected the addon option in the truck shop for the airco
but if u did and your texts becomes unreadable then just go back to your profile screen and load your game again.
and dont selected the Roof airco in the shop because it will keep scabling the text if u wasnt able to remove the files
an other option is to  wait untill the original authors republish their mod.
Report bugs on our forum !
Have fun

Mod created by Bennekeben.
Check the mod info to find Truck Credits !

  • Lance
    2015-08-28 02:33
    What truck dealer is this located? I can't seem to find it.
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