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Bennekeben's Lowerd Mercedes Actross2014
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Bennekeben's Lowerd Mercedes Actross2014

Bennekeben's Lowerd Mercedes Actros 2014
Mod version 1.0
Tested on ETS2 v1.18.x

Its NOT allowed to reupload this mod to other sharing platforms.
If u want to Share plz use the Original Link..
All Original Links can be found @ Http://1manarmyfans.webs.com


Mod created by Bennekeben

Reworked Actross chassis
in different Lowerd Stages.
Added Front bumper,Highpipes function.
Test parts used from 50keda & RJL.

Reworked Wheel fenders & Collisions.

Some of the added parts are added buggy wich i dont know yet how to solve this..
ive tried to add the RearBumper but by the same bug i removed it again..
Aslike the highpipes are mounted 180rotation wich doesnt seem to change
with every  attempt i tried.
i will still struggle this bug to fix that section.
even the added parts are buggy they wont give any warning in console and work fine as they are now aswell.

Visit our site to maek a bug report or invite me on Steam Bennekeben

Bennekeben, 50Keda,RJL

  • Mustang
    2015-05-26 17:26
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    Please correct the lights on in your truck mode. !!!!
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