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Bennekeben's Lowerd Peterbilt 389 Mod V1.0
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Bennekeben's Lowerd Peterbilt 389 Mod V1.0

This mod will work with  peterbilt 4.0 & Transformer Version
Tested on ETS2 Version 1.14.2 & 1.15.3.
Check the Mod info below to find Links to the Original Trucks !!
This mod is not the Complete 389 Peterbilt Truck
U Need to have atleast 1 of the original Truck mods to play this mod!!
PART 2 Includes The Transformer chassis in Different Lowerd stages.
Part 1 Including Lowerd stages for the Old and New Stock 389 Chassis
Bennekebens  Lowerd Peterbilt389 mod v1.0
Mod name : Bennekeben's Lowerd PeterBilt389 v1.0
Tested on 1.14.2 & 1.15.3.
Created by Bennekeben  (feel free to add me on steam)
Download,Report Bugs,Get info/Ask Questions about our mods @ http://1manarmyfans.webs.com
If u want to share use the original link only.

( Keep all informative Links and Text in the Mod info so all needed info wil be given correctly )
(If the mod info is missing Links then they are Deleted by other uploaders)
Find all the first Releases on our main site.
See more screenshots about this mod on my steam profile or world of trucks account.

This mod has been divided in 2 Parts.
DOWNLOAD PART 1 & 2 for the FULL MOD .

Part 1 Includes:
Lowerd Chassis for the Stock 389 Old and New Style in different stages
Added  Tuning Fenders (+-10)
Added the Transformer Flame skin with a R-scripted version to make it able to change the colours
BC Red Painted Bonus Chassis( Only 1 Pre-selected Lowerd Stage availible)

Part 2 Includes:
Lowerd Transformer Chassis in different stages
Rescripted version of the OP Flame Skin
BC Red Painted Bonus Chassis( Only 1 Pre-selected Lowerd Stage availible)

Mod Info:
This mod will only work if u have at least 1 of the Peterbilt 389 mods active.
If u have the 4.0 version u are able to select the transformer chassis, to have the Stylish Front Fenders.
This will not add the Parts of the transformerversion.
The Transformer Parts do NOT work on  the Stock chassis (old/new)
U need to have the transformer mod active to enable to the Special parts on your lowerd version.
as the huge exhaust pipes, interior,...
Below are 2 links to the original versions of the truck.

Customizations done..
Rescripted file for the optimus prime dds (Flame Skin)
Fender swap for stock model from transformer edition
All Chassis are lowerd in 3 different stages for the OLD , NEW and Transformer chassis Working

No lifted axles have been added for the lower ets game versions support.
created by Bennekeben
To see original Truck credits/creators follow the added links below.

Download this version for the original old and new chassis
Download link to STD Truck >   http://ets2.lt/en/peterbilt-389-v-4-0/
Download link to Transformer Truck > http://ets2.lt/en/optimus-prime-peterbilt-389-trailer/
Download this version for  the transformer parts being able to add on the lowerd versions.


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