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Bennekeben's Off-Road mod v1.01
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Bennekeben's Off-Road mod v1.01

Bennekeben's off-road chassis for standard trucks adapted to the "heavy" card (Goba, Orient Express P43 etc.)
The mod adds 3 types of chassis (3 types of 4x2, 3 types of 6x2, and 3 types 6x4) for each standard truck with the exception of DAF Euro 6 different size of ground clearance.
Chassis models have not changed. Changes were only characteristics and adds the ability to lifting of the middle axle chassis 6x2.

Mod tested on version 1.16.2s.

Credits: Bennekeben
Adaptation to version 1.16.2.s and "heavy" maps: Tornado

  • Tornado
    2015-04-10 16:58
    Download link is not working. There was a force majeure from sharing. A "friend" wanted to monopolize this mod and asked to remove my file from the site sharemods.comSorry for the inconvenience. Who wishes to download this mod can contact me through private messages.I do not claim to authorship of this mod, but I also spent on it the time and energy. Before me this mod nobody has even its author.
  • Tornado
    2015-04-12 13:17
    I give you a link to the mod here and I hope that it is not removed.I also hope that it will not remove from sharing at the request of the author of this mod, which for some unknown reason, I do not want to have players been adapted version of this mod under 1.16.2http://sharemods.com/5l6gb8zk3hn8/xchassis_Off-Road_ModV1.01.7z.html
  • Fabian
    2015-04-12 17:41
    Thx a lot
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