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Bennekeben's Scania Sneepels V8 Soundmod
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Bennekeben's Scania Sneepels V8 Soundmod

NEW UPDATE Scania Sneepels Sound mod version 1.6
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This mod is open for Personal changes.
New Sound Samples Created by Bennekeben.
Sound Samples may be Used for other Purposes in change of Credits to Author.Bennekeben

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Bennekeben's Sneepels V8 SoundMod v1.6 - ets2 1.22

with its new updates
Tested on 1.22 ets2

Best to Add this mod with a Higher priority then Stand alone truck mods
 in your ets2/mod folder.

1.6 Update INFO

- Reworked Stock 6L&V8 scripts
Most of the trucks still have the original sounds selectable with its engines
- Fixed motor brakes on all stock scripts included
u can merge it with other sound mods if u rework the scripts ,u need to add the suitable commands to your scripts of the engine+ badges
- New interior/exterior exhaust sound sample
- New reverse
- New gears
- Changed pitches
- Idle changes : louder + pitch , tick and bass
- Fixed Badges to orignal badge on truck
- New shop icon for engine 1.6
- Still includes all previous updates from version1.0 > 1.6
- Sneepels Skins for most trucks included

Working sounds for Scania Trucks...
See the list below to know what Stand alone truck mods this mod works on!

Adjusted to the updated truck version availible from the
original author,creator
i was needed to adjust their stock scripts
to create a selection of different engines with their specific sound.
Badge models are also included and updated to sort out missing errors.

13 Trucks !
Scania.vabis by Shoofer
Scania.4 by Punisher
Scania.124L  by Satan
Scania.s updated by Hobbytrucker
Scania.v8 updated by Bodgan
Scania.rs 1.5 by RJL
Scania.t 1.8 by RJL
Scania.143m by eukalizer + Aslan version
Scania.k by 50keda
Scania.50k_r_high by 50keda
Scania.r700.new by Au44, Fred_be, Helpka
Scania.r by SCS
Scania.streamline by SCS


Custom sound sample by bennekeben

Extra Credits
2 sound samples in use

Sneepels Skins created by Wardje100


Most Likely,...I will still update to fine tune more to the real deal..when i have the time for it'
if u have suggestions to help or ask questions feel free to contact @ http://1manarmyfans.webs.com
or @steam BC.modsBennekeben

I do not Own/claim credit for the music in this video
All rights belong to the original creator.

Music used in video by Chuki Check out his channel for more nice
HipHop instrumentals !!
Do him a favor and Sub+Like !!

Bennekeben, Wardje100 ,CommadoreOne

  • Wolfhound
    2016-02-08 17:31
    This mod is not working on RJL scania _t
  • Nlgabbernl
    2016-04-27 14:14
    yo man,Best mod ever made for scania :) hope ya keep it up to date so me and my friends can keep enjoying it :)I also hope you will try to make sound mods for the other in game trucks like a v6 daf engine.looking forwards to it :)Have a good one and keep up the great work m8 :)
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