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Bennekeben's Sneepels V8 soundmod v1.3
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Bennekeben's Sneepels V8 soundmod v1.3

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This mod is open for Personal changes.
Sound Samples Created by Bennekeben.
Sound Samples may be Used for other Purposes in change of Credits to Author.(Bennekeben)

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Bennekeben's Sneepels V8 SoundMod v1.3
Tested on 1.18 ets2
Best to Add this mod Below the Truck Mods in your ets2/mod folder.

Working sounds for Scania Trucks...
**added new
Scania 143 by Ekualizer
Scania Streamline V3.0 by  Bogdan Kasalap

scaniar & streamlineby  scs
scania T and R by RJL
scania R  by 50keda

Cutted the mod includes sound and engines only.
Wheels and skins are removed
u can still find them in Mod version 1.0

UPDATE : 1.3
Adjustments in the sound commands
Few sounds reworked
Added 2 old sound samples from CommadoreOne
old sound mods + reworked them
Also new sounds added
Reworked engine off
New Brake sound
 (sound should be used while moving)
if done some attempts to add custom sound data but wont work like i want it to.
This is a new sound wich the game does not let me
add new data so i could tell the game when the sound must become active.
therefor this sound can play while standing still aswell
and it not the way it was planned to be.
unfortually this is the only way i found to make it work.

Even tho its not perfectly as i want it, i left the sound in the mod..
because when u drive it, the sound is really fun .. i think . that why i made it ...

Saved older version aswell
this mod includes all versions 1.0-1.2-1.3


UPDATE : 1.2
More new sounds added , engine start,engine/exhaust sounds
Compatible with RJL scania r
Saved version 1.0
Fixed grills on streamline

Whats in this mod ?
The V8 Sneepels sound for the scania trucks
3 different engine types with 3 versions of sound for scania model stock SCS, Rcab, Tcab, Streamline also for RJL, 50Keda,143,Streamline v3.0

Custom Creations

Custom created  Engine & sounds
 for Scania Rcab/Tcab and streamline ,50Keda,RJL,Scania 143, Scania StreamlineV3.0
2x  3 Engines 680,730,1000 hp

Engine On/Off
New shift sound
New engine sounds
New air valve sounds
New motorbrake sound
Loud horn
Sneepels Sound conversion  from recordings
Special Engine Effect
most sound samples are self created

by Bennekeben

Other truck sounds remain stock sound
Reverse beep

by SCS sw.

Extra Credits
 to :
for :
2 engines sounds samples added from 1 of his old mods

Most Likely,...I will still update to fine tune more to the real deal..when i have the time for it'
if u have suggestions to help or ask questions feel free to contact @ http://1manarmyfans.webs.com
or @steam BC.mods^^Bennekeben

I was forced to add stock sound scripts for the 143.
To make it work i needed to define the sound to the engines i want.
The scania.143m exterior and interior folders include reworked scripts.
but the sound remaind the original
To make sure the sound works on the 143 u must add this sound mod below the truck itself or it wont work..
to bring mod lower in the list add zzzz_ infront of the name, the more zzz the lower it drops in the list..

1.2 + 1.3
Compatible with other scania sound mods
Yes but i noticed for streamline scania u might be needed to set a suitable command line in the s_equip and c_equip to make sure the game overreads it.
Meaning u need to merge the sii from both mods.
u can find the folders def/vehicle/truck/scania.streamline/..here are both equip folders
if u use other sound mods.

Bennekeben , Commadore One

  • Miz


    2015-05-23 13:23
    EAA map v2.4 + zzzz_Bennekebens_Sneepels_V8_Sound_Only_V1.3-1.18.scs test version ets2 1.18.10
  • Miz


    2015-05-23 13:25
    bug forceshutdown
  • Bennekeben
    2015-05-25 12:24
    i have Re-uploaded a fix of this mod , people that struggle with the workingtry this version in the link http://uploadfiles.eu/0br0vo0ruloe/zzzz_Bennekebens_Sneepels_V8_Sound_Only_V1.3-1.18.scs.htmli removed the faulty scripts i forgot in this upload.let me know if this helped !
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