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Better Flares v3.2
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Better Flares v3.2

The mod "Enhanced lights"
About fashion:
Mod replaces the standard flash lights, change light trucks and traffic.

Version 3.2:
- New flash for traffic lights
- A new flash of police beacons of Special Transport DLC, etc.
- New dimensions and stop-signals
And a fully redesigned flash the headlights, and all of them will be involved in the traffic :)

The structure of the mod:
BFv3.1 1.Base for ETS2 - the main mod. Also includes the shutdown of light traffic day.
BFv3.1 2.Headlights White/Yellow (choose the one you like) - "Yellow" and "white" version of a light truck. Also here a smooth transition of light and its different shades for the traffic. Priority should be above the main mod.
BFv3.2.Default Traffic Addon - mod adds new flash for default traffic. Attention! Incompatible with AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat! Use only one of them.

Supported packs Jazzycat:
- AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
- American Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
Bus Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
- Painted BDF Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
- Painted Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
- Russian Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
- Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat

Mod compatible with the latest versions of these packs. Addons BFv3.0 should have higher priority than packs Jazzycat.
Attention! If you have extreme starbursts around headlights - use fashion which reduces the intensity of the HDR
Test version: 1.30.x


  • Karl
    2017-12-18 19:46
  • Vulchor
    2017-12-18 21:08
    This is fake and stolen and needs to be removed. Scum like you are ruining the modding community and making good modders quit.
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