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Bicentennial aerodyne Stas556, dmitry68.
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Bicentennial aerodyne Stas556, dmitry68.

In 1976 America was in the midst of celebrating 200 years of independence.Kenworth trucks contribution to the celebration was the VIT200 (VIT meaning Very Important Trucker) These trucks were decked out with a white base paint and Red, blue and gold stripes.
 A gold disk with 1776  1976 on top and Bicentennial on the bottom. And a red and gold VIT200 just below the red stripe, and Bicentennial edition below that.Their were 108 of each the cabover and conventional's that were made with this scheme, making these truck very rare and collectible. This was also the introduction of the Aerodyne with its second bunk ans masive headroom.
 This skin is in honor of my grandfather who owned one of these cabovers.

Skin by BrianC.

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