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Big Brazilian Traffic! 1.27
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Big Brazilian Traffic! 1.27

Big Brazilian Traffic!

Brazilian trucks, cars, trailers, a funeral procession, a disco on wheels, buses single and articulated, mini vans, tandems, trailers, motorcyclists, cyclists, vans, armored special vehicles, motor vehicles for the transport of heavy and hazardous cargo transportation with accompaniment, service transport : Police, Ambulance, Fire trucks (with siren and flashing beacons) and much more.

The location of the mods in the manager is shown in the screenshot.
Compatible with other traffic.
Works on all maps.

Tested on the ETS2 version

Author of the assembly of packages: JL Truck
All sponsors are listed in a text document:
drive.google.com/file/d/0B5enaDji3_IHSjQ2RmtsNXJ ..

JL Truck

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