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Bio Met and other BG-firms combo skins v1.26
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Bio Met and other BG-firms combo skins v1.26

Hay this is Bio Met Bulgara LTD,Speedy Bulgaria LTD and PLC Trans LTD treilers
Bio Met Bulgaria LTD truck skins fo Scania R Streamlaine and Mercedes Benz Old Actros(MP3 Version of the truck)
the mod is tested on 1,26 and is worck perfect.I thinck the mod wil worck and on old versions on the game
truck skins are mede by:andreynfsgta5
treiler skins are mede by andreynfsgta5 and airhead
hawe a nice trucking bros :D
warning:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLS do not chenge donlold links and the mods failes PLS!

andreynfsgta5 , airhead

  • Bg-bg
    2017-01-07 20:30
    мн як мод евала пичове
  • Rudi
    2017-01-08 00:33
    errors, errors, errors... [traffic_trailer_type] Converting old trailer definition 'traffic.trailer.schmitz.scs_uni00' to type 'traffic_trailer'. Please update to the new type. [unit] File '/def/vehicle/trailer/biometltd_traffic.sii', line 2: Cargo 'cargo.beverages': vehicles list is not empty! The list should be defined using the new directory-based mechanism.
  • Andreynfsgta5
    2017-01-08 15:17
    hay RUDI i will check the fails and i will try to fix them :D
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