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Bmw 540i M g30 1.28.x
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Bmw 540i M g30 1.28.x

2017 Bmw 540i /// M G30 by Burak Tuna 24 Beta v1.0

Vehicle features:
- cabin accessories
– double road computer animation (open navigation with O key and close it if you press again, you will see a menu before you make the contact and the menu changes again when you turn the ignition, offering such an option option)
– the car is independent
- iveco gallery
- the original interior
- Works well for version 1.28 and 1.27


  • Buraktuna24
    2017-10-08 10:31
  • Buraktuna24
    2017-10-08 10:33
    Do Not Edıt !Do Not Reupload !Do Not Change Link !(ADFLY, GOOGLE, LINK.TL) It is strictly forbidden to link over sitesforbidden to upload another link to another site !
  • Wtf


    2017-11-04 21:31
    Very very nice model, BUT THAT SOUND??? Next update i hope u can edit that shit sound
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