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BMW 760li V12 F01 1.31 Fix
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BMW 760li V12 F01 1.31 Fix

the link provided is correct, but the explanation is incorrect .
this is the correct explanation :
– ao coating
– cabin light
– cabin accessories
– custom v12 engine sound (select 6.0 v12 engine option for engine sound)
– 8 forward gearboxes (as they are correct)
– YouTube post on the back can be detached and worn
– 4 different inteiror options (select as slot)
– gallery on DAF
– the car was actually made by my closest friend and alican (alex745alejandro) my brother’s car and game.
– the car model belongs to me, I tried to sum up the 760s with my own efforts.
-Since I could not find the proper interior, I used the m5 interior and played it, made the 760 original indicator and animation.

Mod producer: BurakTuna24
inteiror Model: Diablo
special engine sound: Quaken
1.31 Fix: Yunus Aman

thanks for the inteiror diablo
thanks for the engine voice Quaken
I have been very busy with this car, I hope you like ?

Link 1 Car
Link 2 Fix


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    2018-07-20 10:19
  • Buraktuna24
    2018-07-20 10:21
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    2018-07-20 21:40
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