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BMW M5 E39 by BurakTuna24 Update
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BMW M5 E39 by BurakTuna24 Update

I’ve been renewed from start to finish.
what was done ?
I started by fixing all the body and inteiror errors first
-reflection detail.
-I changed the vehicle’s headlights.
-the rims were sized as it should be.
-missing details added.
-original wiper animated.
-the dial was completely reconstructed , animated.
-the mirrors have been corrected, it has become workable.
-cabin accessories added.
-added real engine power and gearbox options.
-special sound made for each engine ( STOCK E39 & AKRAPOVİC )
-Inteiror lights have been made operational

– you can buy it from all the galleries.

I’ve tried to fix it as soon as possible, I hope you like it
they may still be missing, but the update for the car will continue to come , I have assumed responsibility for my car, and the next updates will be mine.

they tell me why you are doing the most BMW , because i am a BMW enthusiast

I thank Mr. Quaken, who made the special engine sound for me, and I continue to work with him for the next vehicles…

V2.0 update by buraktuna24 It belongs.


  • Lol


    2017-11-13 10:43
    I wonder why people still download from that mod stealer.Wrong info or old mods or putting a virus in it..All the same bullshit.He even put's full pirated games as download on other pages.But..... the site's just dont take action how much you try to do a report.That's a shame.. Maybe im the only one who dares ????
  • Buraktuna24
    2017-11-13 11:14
  • Buraktuna24
    2017-11-13 11:16
    Do Not Edıt !Do Not Reupload !Do Not Change Link !(ADFLY, GOOGLE, LINK.TL) It is strictly forbidden to link over sitesforbidden to upload another link to another site !
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