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BMW X6 – NEW VERSION for 1.24
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BMW X6 – NEW VERSION for 1.24

Fixing all Bugs & Errors on 1.24x Version Game
Now Compatible with Skoda Superb
New Original BMW Wheel
Add New HD BMW Logo
Add New Engine
Add New Tires

For Game Versions: 1.24x, 1.23x, 1.22x, 1.21x
Work Perfect!

Authors: ETS2Modder, BigTrucker, Fizzzz1774, Samo111, HD Team

  • Swj0920101
    2016-06-22 18:30
    Please do not hang the password file mode
  • Space cam
    2016-06-23 03:45
    can this mod be done like the very first mod that was not in 3d it was a very nice detailed mod and it works on any computer low or high end computer.
  • Space cam
    2016-06-29 23:28
    Can this mod be made using 2D or in a lesser scale than in 3D,
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