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Bolivia Map v3.3.2
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Bolivia Map v3.3.2

Version v3.3.2:
– Bug fixes and some of the problems.

Version v3.3:
This is the same map of Bolivia. But the last, works for old version and in this oportunity works for 1.21 1.22 version of ETS2
It Works For 1.21 1.22

Version v3.1:
Latest version of the map of Bolivia. Todabia a lot to work on, but this version is one of the most anticipated and pretty. Version 3.1
Compatible with 1.18 and 1.19

Author: Maxi Zarich

  • Akoma
    2016-02-24 06:47
    Very good map I must say, I enjoyed for trips I made so far honestly its good work I will definitely encourage you to work on it and put on final touches .Thanks for the map.
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