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Boreman LED Marker Lights v1.1 1.30.x
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Boreman LED Marker Lights v1.1 1.30.x

[v1.1:] Reduced the physical size of the models about 5%; slightly increased the length and angle of flare light cast; added 5 colours: amber, blue, cyan, green, purple.

What’s up fellow truckers?
I’m here to present you some nice bling for your trucks, the Boreman LED markers. Made from scratch in Blender Tools, with high quality lamp texture and light mask.
Mod supports a wide range of modded trucks. Full support for my Kelsa Light-bars for DAF.

Special thanks to Csabee and abasstreppas for a comprehensive lists of “suitable_for” variables.

HQ 3d model
Custom flares
Custom light-mask
8 light colours: white, light orange, red, amber, blue, cyan, green, purple

Installation: Copy the downloaded .zip archive, unpack it, place the included mod files in the mod folder.

obelihnio, SCS Software


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