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Brazil Map v3.1
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Brazil Map v3.1

New in this version: (Changes Hundreds made in other versions continue)

- Creation of Linking Road and saw Rio to Teresopolis.
- Creation of the Serra de Petrópolis.
- Reshaping the entire BR-381 between São Paulo and Belo Horizonte (now fully duplicated).
- Reshaping all the Via Dutra (Rio - São Paulo), now fully duplicated and with direct access (not out of a road to get into another).
- Remodeling of the Rio-Bahia (Do Rio BR-116 until Feira de Santana), now fully in single lane.
- Created the trunking of Queenship of BR-262 with the Rio-Bahia, it was much like the real trunking.
- Remodeling of the entire BR-040 between Rio and Belo Horizonte (now dual carriageway without center partition and no shoulder in Outside judge stretch of BH, as in
real life).
- Added some earth roads in the Amazon region.
- Added 80 more cities to the map, that's right 80 cities (all representing, in the future the idea is to transform them into functional).
- Added the only two Brazilian Capital missing (Boa Vista and Macapá).
- Built road between Manaus and Boa Vista (through Caracaraí).
- Built road (Bridge and Dam on the Amazon River), linking Bethlehem to Macapa.
- Added fixed models of buses on the main road and some fuel stations (by Erisson and Countach).
- Refurbished accesses the cities of Belo Horizonte, Tres Hearts and São Paulo, to increase the distance and makes it more into reality.
- Created the Sierra de Igarapé.
- Built Serra da Cantareira.
- Built BR-153 (Belém-Brasilia highway), linking Brasilia to Palmas, with many ups and downs as in real life.
- Added several informational signs on the roads.
- Traffic of Brazilian vehicles (by jazzycat), 3 models of bus, Kombi, Goal, Uno, Palio, Fox, Charger, Opal, Beetle and many others
- Created the ring road of Belo Horizonte.
- Changed the cycle day / night to the reality of Brazil, now gets dark at 18:00 and begins to dawn 05:00, no nights
sunny as in the original map.
- Added the currency of Brazil "REAL" with conversion values ​​updated to the current exchange rate.
- Added Bus Stop in Royalty-MG and two in BR-381 between BH and São Paulo
- Edited stretch between Belo Horizonte and Governador Valadares, aiming to make the real distance (remains to be done between the curves

Fabiano Teixeira

  • Experimental trucker
    2015-06-08 18:20
    Hello. Here is a couple of runs completed.....Picked up Passengers in Ribeirao PretoTeleported to MacapaDropped off passengers back in Ribeirao Preto 2176km runhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOk93lBfKwwPicked up Passengers in Angra dos ReisDropped of passengers in Sao Luiz 2894km run(And Yes, I am one of those unlucky people that run into some of that lag & stutter in/around the Scandinavia DLC:-(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G
  • Pegasus
    2015-06-10 18:17
    This has the potential to be a great map. I have only covered about 6% so far and I can't even begin to count the bugs and errors. Roads that don't line up. Guard rails and hay stacks floating in the air. Turns in the roads that look like they were put together with a lot of little straight pieces. big chunks of map with nothing in it. If you spent a little more time on quality and less time on quantity it would be great.
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