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Brazil Total V3.0
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Brazil Total V3.0

- All the states of Brazil (except Roraima and Amapá)
- All the main cities in Brazil
- Dozens of buildings in cities transformed in Brazilian stores
- All cargo companies turned into Brazilian
- Brazilian posts
- Brazilian Tolls
- English on signs translated into Portuguese
- Yellow Strip refexiva
- Reflective white Range
- Altered Game Music
- Sound real retarder
- Brazil map included on the minimap
- Set aside some roads to make it more real with the map of Brazil.
- All Ports (Ferries) Withdrawn (the game is to ride a truck no ferry)
- Built Bus link between Europe and England (Cuiabá and Cáceres), WARNINGS FOR HAND ENGLISH TO GET IN CACERES ..
- Changed the loading screen
- Sidewalks with textures of Brazil
- Road with textures of Brazilian empresasa
- Converted Blue Plates Green (excluding Scandinavia)
- Texture modified asphalt (darker, as in Brazil)
- Texture of old asphalt changed (now with cracks in the asphalt)
- Logos of companies changed to Brazilian.
- Most two-lane rural roads in the Northern Region Changed to Totally EARTH 

Fabiano Teixeira

  • Experimental trucker
    2015-05-25 23:45
    Hello. Here's a couple of runs done with the map...Sao Liuz to Santos 2651km runhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaMei2nRQ-UPicked up Passengers in Porto AlegreTeleported to Foz do IguacuDropped off Passengers in Siktivkar 6223km run(With the help of Rusmap v1.4.9 &Russian Spaces v2.1)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-GXJnJ6B04
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