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Brazilian Skin Pack v5.1
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Brazilian Skin Pack v5.1

Update of the mod, as it was released the bi-train and the double in Germany, I changed some companies of place, Braspress went to France and Coopercarga to Italy and Eureka and Expresso Rodominas to their place adapting the mod to the bi- train and double rooms.

This mod only modifies the skins of the game, it only uses the SCS settings.

Maps used:
Original Map more DLC Scandinavia, DLC France, DLC Italy, DLC Going East and DLC Baltic
Promods 2.40
RBR Map (except stand-alone companies)
EAA Map (except stand-alone companies)
RC Map (Traffic only and European part)
Eldorado Free (except business standalones)

Tested on version 1.35


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