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Brodys USA Rock Bands v1.0
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Brodys USA Rock Bands v1.0

Five US Rock Band Logo Trailers. Let the rest be a surprise.  If I get enough comments I wll add to the list.

ETS2 Nickname TK Brody. I Drive for SAS & LMG VTC Look us up on line.

  • Kurts ankle lock
    2014-10-17 18:40
    not the greatest skins if im honest. some of the designs are a bit pixelated and stretched looking also 1 of the skins needs repainting its as if you have left a lot of the pixels unpainted.Waste of time downloading if im honest.
  • Jayazarare
    2014-10-17 18:42
    just would like to say thanks for credits for giving you advice upon looking at these skins closer im glad you never did i will be surprised if u dont get ripped for the trailer contents as they are splet wrong
  • Tk brody
    2014-10-18 22:24
    I've seen your comments and am working on cleaning up the problems with this mod will release again soon. Sorry for the disappointment.
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