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Broken Down Roads v0.2 IWR
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Broken Down Roads v0.2 IWR

Supplement for IWR.

– Minor edits Alpha channel.
– Fixed base coat and cover at intersections. Removed lilac shade.

This mode is more suitable for taking screenshots and videos.
I warn you, use this mode as a substitute for the road surface could lead to disappointment.
Works only on the standard map. On the other cards which uses its own pavement will be a problem.


  • Todop349
    2015-06-03 20:38
    това е наи яка та игра има си про мени в тази игра а има ли хора каде е играят търся българи да караме за ено на коловози ако има такива пишете ми в фейса асъм мафията ваклинов ми е провила
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