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Brutal Environment HD + Sound engine GOLD ONLY 1.18.X patch
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Brutal Environment HD + Sound engine GOLD ONLY 1.18.X patch

Key Aspects of the Brutal environment Gold 1.18.X patch version:

Enhanced gaming Experience

1: Faster FPS (10%) than of factory default game!
2: HDR settings repaired.
3: aurora bolaris, rainbow, and moon in skybox
4: running operation without “errors” and “warnings”
5: many many surprise. ( new car crash sounds, new actros 3500 & 2500 HP engines open

level 15 and V8- engine sound)
6: Blah, blah, blah…

Driving, listen 2.1 or 5.1 sound system, enjoy the game my Brutal HD + sound engines

Gold ONLY game version 1.18.x!

This version yellow road lines.

If usage white road line:
delete material/road/lines.dds or rename material/road/lines_w.dds to lines.dds and


my lines version white:
material/road/lines_w.dds (not use game this form)

my lines version yellow:
material/road/lines_y.dds (not use game this form)

game use lines.dds form.

Stewen, CskSimánGabi , tagagaba53, and prohardver forum users & testers.

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