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CanOpener by ohaha v0.3 1.27.x
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CanOpener by ohaha v0.3 1.27.x

CanOpener by ohaha v0.3 [1.27.x]

Note from the Author:
Now, this is the first attempt at updating this (and any other) mod publicly.
Use extreme caution, back up your profile and keep your fingers crossed.
Also, make sure you report whatever issues you have with it.
Let's consider this an open beta and, hopefully, by the time the game goes in stable state this mod will, too.

This mod will open all the doors of your big garage** and place some random
parked AI trucks with trailers in the free spots inside.
Starting with:
- 0.2, there is an animated gate at the entrance.
- 0.3, there is a sound played while the gate opens.

New Version 0.3:
- Added sound. For large garages base map:
- Open all the doors of the garage.
- Adds a parked truck (with trailer) in the garage bays.
- Adds animated gates at the entrance to the garage area.
Tested on 1.27.x (open beta) game version

Mod replaces all garages, including the DLC Scandinavia and France!
Entry and exit from the garage, carried out until the entrance gates are fully open (stops flashing beacon).


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    2017-03-09 15:26
    hey Ohaha, a video would be nice...
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