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Challenge Roads - Realiase 1.0.1
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Challenge Roads - Realiase 1.0.1

This is the first update of this mod and Trameri , Euro Goodies and ET ​​- Tree Wood companies were issued in the city of Innsbruck.
The company Tree of ET - Wood wood scattered across the courtyard , a hidden shortcut next to trees , trucks and trailers obstructing the passage were added . The Euro Trameri and Goodies companies were put together in a courtyard with several container 's truck , trailers and cars in parking maneuvers give more reality in the yard .
As test, The TSM and MHE Project maps do not work with the Roads Challenge . I ask everyone to do tests on other mods maps .
To continue the projects ETS2Brasil group is very important suggestions and postings of photos in our groups and others with the name of the map CR Realiase 1.0.1
Until the next update and good fun !
Comments and suggestions are welcome. Comment, short and click like .
Updates this mod map will be updated weekly .
To play this mod map , you need the most current DLC Going East and functions of the version 1.7.1 1.8.XX Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Projetos ETS2Brasil

  • Darex2521
    2014-01-15 15:37
    CHALLENGE ROAD - REALIASE 1.0.1 if you can make it work on the map 1.8. 2 5?, If so, it will be great.
  • Darex2521
    2014-01-15 15:39
    Welcome to the last entry - please reply.
  • Darex2521
    2014-01-15 17:21
    CHALLENGE ROAD - REALIASE 1.0.1 you can do to mod worked with TSM 1.8. 2 5?
  • Geovane rocha
    2014-01-15 17:46
    Faltou colocar os créditos do meu mapa na descrição. ( Lacked the credits put my map in the description.)
  • Darex2521
    2014-01-15 20:14
    Hi, thanks for the answer.
  • Marcelo
    2014-02-17 02:35
    What's the proper version to run this Mod? I've tried to run in 1.4.1 and but none of them worked :c
  • Guest
    2014-06-21 20:48
    manager error
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