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Chassis Pack for Renault Magnum
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Chassis Pack for Renault Magnum

New chassis for renault magnum.
Tested on 1.9.22
Author: Oleg Kushin (Jgut/Klipper)

Oleg Kushin (Jgut/Klipper)

  • Guest
    2014-03-29 22:26
    Vidio : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p16h-Hi9pZM
  • Theosz
    2014-05-28 04:35
    Cool truck but need fix 'cause ETS2 v1.10.x now causing "red color" in front light and more errors on game.log.txt:...-Can not open '/automat/58/d653bdb426af015888725dcd2c324af6072114.mat'-Invalid wheel index (2, 3). Rear wheels must be indexed from rear with indices 0 and 1 on rearmost axle. Model: /vehicle/truck/renault_magnum_2009/truck_t2.pmd-[sdk] prism::sdk::telemetry_set_provider: Attempt to set provider for non-existent index 8 on channel 'truck.wheel.suspension.d
  • Joe568
    2014-06-06 00:14
    This mod IS RED COLOR FIXhttp://sharemods.com/4mqzklft7vkh/zzredmirrorfix.scs.htmlThis mod IS RED COLOR FIX
  • Faelandaea
    2014-06-11 06:32
    Joe, that "red mirror fix" doesn;t fix a bloody thing. Besides, the issue with this mod in 1.10 has nothing to do with mirrors. It has to do with lights.I love the rest of this mod, though, so Thomas I am keeping it installed in hopes that a true fix for the red headlights comes out. Can you please look into that? Thanks.
  • Snowman
    2014-08-27 06:32
    Updated version. I am using it on 1.12https://yadi.sk/d/vAqGJr1hXdhPe
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