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Chrome and Extra’s by Zeeuwse Trucker
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Chrome and Extra’s by Zeeuwse Trucker

chrome on cabin parts + slots
back plate with 160 slots or somthing
Intake_R with slots and tuning
tuning parts
for Scania RJL R/S 6 series Topline, Toplinexc and Longline with my add_on version 2.02
a lot off work so mayby i mist something, i have tested all in 1.25xx
give mod high priority !
grtz ZT

zeeuwse_trucker / RJL / Mod team Poland / scs

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    2016-10-16 21:51
    New link http://sharemods.com/qcb4w9si0bat/extra_addons_zt.scs.html
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