Farming simulator 2019 mods
Completely replaces the feedback in the game
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Completely replaces the feedback in the game

Designed imitation of friction in the steering (as he spins the wheel without resistance, and the standard damper force too bad simulates the effort). Simulation of friction makes it possible to eliminate the wide including "empty" in the central zone of the feedback on the handlebars with a twin-engine feedback (G25 / G27).
Due to the discovery of the "hidden" parameter telemetry restoring force impact of the suspension on each wheel (dev.truck.wheel.suspension.force), for the calculation of the formula used by the stabilizing force in the theory of stabilization of the steered wheels of the vehicle. This in turn has required data on angles of the wheels (caster, camber, caster - can be found in the specifications of trucks, in the assembly of used corners MB Actros MP3) and size of the rotary arm steering (not find specification therefore determined by scrutiny of photo of the front hub).
Self-stabilizing deformable rolling wheels is calculated approximately (from experimental data), it will be further developed, as far as possible, the actual physical model.
Advanced - designed 7 modes LED G27.

Testing of this version was made with the settings in the "Advanced Settings gear ratio steering." Without their use of feedback can be a bluff in the central area, it is possible to smooth the effort will need to reduce the value of effort


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