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Concept Truck Flight of Fantasy
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Concept Truck Flight of Fantasy

Added electro version (Nikola One style). –°ompatibility with OpenGL. The rear view camera is implemented separate mod.
There are templates for the 2 and 3 channels.
The rear view camera is added a separate mod. Operates at switching on right mirror on F2 (first click). When the automatic transmission is switched on automatically when reverse gear,
with manual transmission is activated emergency gang.. The camera on the bumper is turned off in the ui / gps_concept.sii script name in the group: RightMirror
change coords_t: 90 on coords_t: 0.
There is a collision 5 wheels.
When choosing electro chassis, preferably switch on the automatic transmission.
Enjoy the trip.
Game version: 1.26-1.28

alexart247, Knox_xss Launch in the ATC: dmitry68 Sounds: default Sounds elektro engine: Kriechbaum

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    2017-07-31 11:21
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    2017-07-31 12:07
    Files from 9 June 2016. mods_ats - you are idiot and fakemaker.
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    2017-07-31 12:08
    Fake, upload by mods_ats.
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