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Coolliner Tandem Trailer 1.22.x
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Coolliner Tandem Trailer 1.22.x

This is a trailer for tandem trucks. It works fine with both my tandem trucks and those in Flemming V's Tandem truck pack.
The trailer is fully standalone.
Remember that the game for now only use one pivot point so the "dolly" is just a dummy and does not turn. But it looks good on picture.


  • Nportegies skins
    2015-12-19 10:29
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  • Ladyrose002
    2015-12-19 11:47
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  • Ladyrose002
    2015-12-19 11:48
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    die iddee ist super aber noch nicht ausgereift,probleme beim anfahren und in den kurven ,man kann nicht gerade ausfahren,es ist mehr ein driften,schade eigentlich geiler mod
  • Steve
    2015-12-19 19:55
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    It does not work as it should
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