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Country definition folders for AI Traffic modders v2.0
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Country definition folders for AI Traffic modders v2.0

[NOTE: This is a template for mod authors – not a mod]

Contains folders for all popular map mod countries plus DLC Scandinavia and DLC East, including:

– Brasil EAA Map
– El Dorado Map
– ProMods + Poland Rebuilding Maps
– Rus Map
– Truck Sim Map
plus all other map mods that use the included countries.

Recommended AI vehicle frequencies:
‣ 0.1 for heavily customized, unusual, rare, expensive, or vintage vehicles sold or imported in the country
‣ 0.1 for emergency vehicles local to the country (e.g. police cars and ambulances)
‣ 0.2 for classic vehicles no longer in production in the country but iconic in the country
‣ 0.5 for vehicles no longer in production but previously manufactured/sold or frequently imported in the country
‣ 1 for everyday common vehicles to see on the road in the country (typically vehicles manufactured from 2004 – present)

Make sure to have the frequency set to 0 for vehicles that don’t belong in the country.

If you don’t include a definition file in a country for a vehicle that doesn’t belong,
the vehicle will appear when driving in the country with a frequency of 1.

Added countries Andorra, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Moldova.
These countries are expected in the upcoming ProMods 2.0 and it’s important that AI Traffic mods will be compatible for these new countries.

Author: Drive Safely

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