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Country Map/Extreme Map Beta v0.2
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Country Map/Extreme Map Beta v0.2

Hi, again…
Here is the new version of extreme map/ country map beta mod for ets 2
This map is compatible with 1.9.24-1.10(with this version it was test)

It have just 9.2 mb beacuse winrar make 100mb= with 5mb…pretty nice;)

Is beta soo please if you found some bugs … understand and me…I’m only one…
Version 0.3 will come after one ore two weeks with more city(village)

Please follow the instruction from video :)


  • Benn
    2014-07-28 18:13
    Its a really cool mod, wish everybody could upload them in rar file
  • Theosz
    2014-08-10 19:54
    I know you realesed v0.3. I still cannot use ETS2 v1.11I wish share the issues I 'd founded. Sorry if someone already tell to you someone of these.I try to play 8 times. 4 I had crashes.Files: game.log.txt and bugs.txthttps://www.dropbox.com/sh/7iwy3xg80ub72xp/AAAGKtXbA8L2Bo0GRRrrSyNea
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