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Creative Zone Trucking Map 1.35.x
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Creative Zone Trucking Map 1.35.x

Please read carefully:
I am Publishing my 1st 1.35 map.It's fully challanging and extreme. You guys have to play every seconds carefully. Without any further due let's begin.

Map Information
Link has been shared below but if you find any downloading problem check my video. You will get download links of different servers ! And Also if you find any problem , Just comment on my youtube videos, I will solve your problem very quickly.
#Version- 1.35.x
# Additionally it may work on 1.31,1.32,1.33,1.34)- You can try at least
#Map Contains All dealers
#Size  187 MB
#Profile has been included
# Map contains only 2 files and a profile, you can arrange as you wish in the mod manager
# Playing Module: cz.mbd

Md Shahid Ahammed

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    2019-07-16 21:57
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