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Custom large garage Type A
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Custom large garage Type A

Custom large garage Type A
Large garage Has been renovated into the space with a feeling of life a little more.
- All entrance doors have been changed to the automatic doors, and 3rd lane Has added the back door.
- Trucks are parked randomly in the other lanes.
- The sensor range of automatic doors HAS BEEN Reduced. (Recommended approach speed is 20Km / h or less.)
- Several goods have been added to the inside and around the garage.
- You can edit the interior pictures and company name board.

[CHANGE LOG] April 30, 2014 - The model HAS BEEN rebuilt for the patch 1.9.22.

Credit: SCS Software, pete379jp
Difference between A and B is only the position of the company name board.

SCS Software, pete379jp

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