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D3S Mercedes Antos 12 v1.2.0.123 release 1.31.2
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D3S Mercedes Antos 12 v1.2.0.123 release 1.31.2

D3S Mercedes Antos ’12 v1.2.0.123 release 1.31.2

- adapted for patches versions 1.31.x – WITHOUT cable support;
- the work of the motor brake and retarder is reviewed: each transmission received individual settings and different sounds;
- settings and characteristics of all chassis are revised: 14 – for a semitrailer tractor and 8 – for a BDF (rigid shassis);
- settings of the BDF trailers are changed;
- the physics of the behavior of the track and of the BDF trailers is adjusted;
- other minor corrections.

Tested on patches 1.31.1 -

When transporting goods, choose the appropriate chassis: the load-carrying capacity 18 or 26 tons (do not overload), observe the speed limit and carefully work with the retarder and motor brake in trucks with a BDF chassis.

Author of the base version: DANZ, [D3S DESIGN] adaptation mod: dobr4060

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    Old Mod, look here for the Original:https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=158237&sid=7111c4c5b8d264d76a703165f94447f0Last edited by d3s on 03 May 2016 13:23------------------------------------------------------------------------Altenative = ultramoddyUploaded:2018-07-24 10:11:41Uploader:ultramoddy
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