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DAF 105 Rebuild 1.12.1
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DAF 105 Rebuild 1.12.1

Flares in the 50k foglight.
Front window lightboxes for R2008 And Daf 105 by 50k. (from ZilpZalp)
New orange Light like ther is in real life.
New Daf 105 Frondgrill whith new slot
New Daf 105 Lightbox on the roof, (not working jet whith roof bar.)
New Daf 105 Curtain whith site curtain and whimpel at frond window (from ZilpZalp).

Jetta2000, 50keda, GT-Mike, Alang7, ZilpZalp.

  • Nemerow
    2014-10-11 01:05
    dude you know in a xenon light there is no orange light, the blue is right, and the 4 ones on top roof, .... they look really better with blue light. but nice mod indeed
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