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DAF Crawler 1.22.x
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DAF Crawler 1.22.x

This mods add a new truck to daf Trucks called daf Crawler.
New engine and sound included.
Tested in version 1.22.
Fixed an old bug in engine caused the game to stop working.
There is a video included, it is only for presentation of truck (how it look like)

Crazy Squirrel, mogome

  • Theosz
    2015-12-04 16:24
    is this fake again?
  • Akmir
    2015-12-04 20:00
    ñ está funcionando
  • Akmir
    2015-12-04 20:01
    ñ is working
  • Pegasus
    2015-12-07 16:20
    I have tried this mod and it does not work. Crashes the game every time.
  • Nub


    2015-12-16 20:23
    try using the right game version fuck nut cuz it works for me
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