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DAF Euro6 Jelle Shouwstra 1.22
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DAF Euro6 Jelle Shouwstra 1.22

It is based on a real truck DAF Jelle Shouwstra e6.
1. 60% of the modeled from scratch in high quality.
2. Stand-alone
3. JSC texture (bake)
4. Everywhere laytmaska
5. Supports all functions of the game
6. Its interior
7. His sound
8. Customization
9. Has your own trailer
Also in vogue has changed Flyer pack from Abasstreppas
Maud is quite heavy, though, and optimized as he could, so that at a very slow computers will squander FPS.
Have a good game ;)

Game Version: 1.22

Authors: Dastagir, DRON4ik194.

  • Chris42
    2015-12-09 10:11
    deze doe het nietbouw deze maar opDAF XF EURO 6 WEEDA [1.19.X]
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